Born in Israel , he starts studying Indian Classical Music in the year 2000. For nine years Ido lives in India, studying it´s fascinating and complex music.

He starts his studies with Dr J.N Goswani (a renowned Sitar player from Varansi) and in 2005 he is accepted as a student of the great sitar master Ustad Shujaat Hussain Khan.

Ido is one of few non Indian musicians to master the Hansa Veena, an Indian Classical slide guitar model designed by the late Pt. Ravi Shankar.

He belongs to the musical legacy of his teacher´s family called “Gayaki Ang”, a music style that imitates the human voice, with a special emphasize on slow glissando movements and fine ornamentation.


Apart from Indian music Ido studies the art of Arabic violin in Israel and the art of the “Keman”, the Turkish way to play the violin from a variety of teachers like Nedim Nalbantoglu and Turay Dinleyen.

He also participates in seminars with Efrén Lopez, Christis Barbas and George Papaiouannou.

Ido plays oriental percussion as well, which he learned autodidactly. He plays the Frame Drum , using the technique introduced by Glen Velez and Zohar Fresco. A technique which combines movements from India, Iran, Turkey and Egypt. He plays also Darbuka and Riqq (An Egyptian tambourine).

Ido has played concerts in India, Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal and Israel. Currently living in Spain where he teaches and perform with a variety of musical projects like Indian music, Turkish, Sephardi and Flamenco.

Being a multi instrumentalist, Ido has the capacity to adapt to many music styles and contribute melody and rhythm. A great part of his musical career is dedicated to create cultural and musical bridges between cultures and between the ancient and the new.


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