Ido Segal Trio

Ido Segal is a new uprising musician in the world music scene.

A Multi instrumentalist playing a variety of string and percussion instruments from Oriental traditions and one of the few musicians in the world to master the Hansa Veena (Indian Slide Guitar).


With a very deep study of Indian and Ottoman Classical music he blends traditional music with innovative compositions, virtuosity and emotive soundscapes.


He has performed around the world with different groups and music styles such as Sephardic Music, Klezmer, Flamenco, Turkish or Indian Music and gave workshops and master classes in Israel, Spain, France and Greece.


Since 2015 he teaches in the prodigious school for modal music “Labyrinth” in Crete ran by Ross Daly.


In this project Ido plays his own compositions with influences from Indian, Turkish, Persian, Flamenco and Middle Eastern Music. On stage you will find authentic instruments such as the Hansa Veena, Baglama or the Afgan Rubab together with western instruments such as the Violin or the Cello.


With this special combination of instruments together with a strong rhythm section the ensemble creates a musical journey that varies from the meditative India to the groovy Middle East without loosing the essence of the tradition and the improvisation.