Improvisation in Indian Music For Western Musicians
Indian Music is a deep and challenging musical tradition for a western musician. One of the main reasons is that it´s mostly improvised , and the teaching is based on imitation of the teacher during years in order to understand the ways to improvise.
In the past 5 years i´ve been teaching Indian Music for western musicians in many countries around the world and developed a system that explains easily how Indian Music works , and how to improvise in it.
I think that the tools one can learn with Indian Music can be applied to any other musical style , and enrich ones ability to improvise in general.
In this page you have an example of a score explaining Raag Jog , 
You have more scores available over here.
If you are interested in an online course about Indian Music , please leave a messsage with your Email address in the box below , and i will write you when the first videos will be ready.
In the document on the left you have some basic terminology and a short explanation about Indian Music. this is just an introduction, soon i will start publishing videos where i explain every thing with more detail - so stay tuned !
Open the Pdf , and try to follow the exercises first. 
Then you can play the composition and try to improvise in small fragments.
In the Video below you can see an example of an improvisation based on that same composition.

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