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Indian Music Note Sheets

During the past years I have been teaching Workshops and Private Lessons to musicians from 

different musical backgrounds.

One the biggest challenges was the fact that Indian Music is mostly improvised

and there is almost no western notation material available.

I created a system to help musicians understand how o improvise in Indian Music , along with some useful information about basic terminology and movements in Indian Music.

Here you have some examples of the notes and a video that explains Tihais.

please use it for your own use only.

Rythmic Excersice : 

Common patterns in

Indian Music


Formula & Explanation

Raag Kirwani

A very sweet and easy to learn Raag.

Raag Jog

A more advanced Raag

Folk Song from Bengal

in Raag Bhairavi


Private Lessons

You can have private Classes with me via Skype or Zoom.

I´ve been teaching online for the past 5 years , and although it is not as comfortable

as a face to face class it is totally doable and has it´s own advantages

like recording and screen sharing. I have a good camera and microphone

so the image and sound quality is fine.

I teach the following :

  • Turkish Style Violin and Makam Theory

  • Indian Music for Indian and non Indian instruments

  • Improvisation in Indian Music

  • Baglama / Saz for beginners

  • Afghan Rabab

You can contact me by Email for more information  

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